Attention to Detail

No two commercial properties are the same, that's part of what makes our job so interesting. Often times, the value of a property is determined by the details. Whether it be entitlements or easements impacting the property, the demand exhibited in the surrounding area for similar properties, or that quirky detail in a comparison sale you can only know by talking directly with a party involved in the transaction, the details are important. We don't assume any of those details. Instead, we verify each with a first party source. It is that attention to detail which produces a reliable report that is specific to each property we appraise.  

Quality Matters

Quality begins with the continuing education we attend. All licensed appraisers must regularly complete continuing education classes and seminars. We only take these classes and seminars from the Appraisal Institute (AI), the largest international association of real estate appraisers. AI classes set the standard for continuing education through top level instructors and course material. Learning from the best allows Capital Valuation Group, LLC to provide the best quality in our appraisal reports.

We are also actively involved in several local organizations for commercial real estate professionals. Through these groups we interact with brokers, investors and other market participants, staying abreast of trends and conditions in the local markets. This firsthand information allows us to provide the highest quality of analysis within our reports.

Within the appraisal reports completed by Capital Valuation Group, LLC, quality is reflected in the research and analysis of the subject property, research into the local market and firsthand confirmation of all comparison data. A report by a licensed appraiser who completes every element of the report, from touring the subject property to analyzing the data to writing the report, also preserves quality. This method, rather than a report assembled by multiple people, sometimes in multiple states, ensures the analysis reflects a complete and thorough understanding of the subject property, surrounding markets and comparison data.  


Timely Delivery

We understand that often the appraisal is one of the last steps in completing a commercial transaction and delivery of that report on time is extremely important.  A late delivery of a good report is no good to anyone. When we quote a delivery date, we deliver on or before that date. We won’t quote a turn time we can’t provide. And, when unforeseen circumstances absorb more time than we expected, we work the extra hours to deliver a quality report by the quoted delivery date.